Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17/2017

    Hockey updates!!
Flin Flon Bombers in the finals for Canalta cup. Down 2 games to Battleford, playing in Flin Flon on Tuesday and Wednesday.

   Toronto vs Washington- Tied 1-1
       Montreal vs NY Rangers 2-1
        Calgary vs Anaheim      2-0
    Edmonton vs Sharks     2-1
    Ottawa vs Boston          1-1

  The Thiessens- Pure Garlic is around 4 inch tall.

   Winters road is now under H2O
        Grand Valley road H2O is quickly rising.
    Mens CDN  team wins gold at worlds
    Hillery Clilton Claims one reason have lost the American election was due to misogny

     Donald Trump does not want to release his tax return.

    Syria, Chemical War fair used in Syria. President Trump ordered a M.O.A.B dropped on ISIS tunnels


Tuesday, April 11, 2017


April 11/17

Flin Flon Bombers SJHL seventh game semi final tonight at Whitney Forum in Flin Flon vrs Nipawin Hawks GO #44

Ocn Blizzard takes n portage for the third game of the finals. OCN leads 2-0 in the series

U.S.A wins over Canada in the world juniors hockey for girls.

there are 5 Canadian teams going to the NHL play offs. 

Toronto Maple leafs make NHL playoffs. there record is 95 points. Auston Mathews hit 40 goals. Toronto will meet the  Washington capitals in the first round. 

 16 teams will be playing in the NHL playoffs competing  for the  Stanley cup. Playoffs begin on Wednesday 12/17

Vancouver Canucks will be looking for a new coach next hockey season. 

Conner Mc David hit 100 points.

south western M.B is experiencing yet another flood the Assiniboine River, over land flooding, high water table has led to fields flooded and roads washed out. 

oak lake was flooded in 2011 worst recorded flood in 350 years. 2014, 2017 basements are being flooded.

Griswald post office and trailers are being impacted 


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Ur- An ancient city of Sumer located on a former channel of the Euphrates.

Dowry- Property or money brought by a bride to her husband at the time of of marriage.

Scribe- Person whose job is to write for someone else in ancient times, few people could read and write so scribes were hired to write letters and documents for other.

Middle East- The region between the eastern Mediterranean and India, Egypt and Israel

Sargon 1- c. 2300 BCE Sargon crated the first world empire in the area of Mesopotamia.

Dynasty- This is a succession of rulers within a family. This was a common practice in ancient times, and seen today. Kings or  queens. usually bestow their titles to their usually the oldest.

Forceps- A surgical tool for gripping and holding.

Social Organization- A pattern of relationships  between and among  individuals in a society. it usually includes the division of labor, roles of spiritual leaders, governments, roles of men, women, children etc.

Deity- god or devine being the Romans used the word  "deus" to describe a god.

Divine Right- The belief that a ruler of a country chosen by god or gods. They believe they rule by divine right, and only answer to god.

Pictograph- A form of writing where a pictorical symbol or sign represents a word or group of words.

Rabies- A contagious virus that affects the central nervous of mammals. There is no cure, but ancient doctors were aware that it could be passed from mammal to person in Mesopotamian times.

Stella-  A pillar or slab of stone with sculptured design and scripts. Some served as gravestone.

Nana Moon goddess in Ancient Sumerian religion.

Lagosh- One of the oldest city of Sumer later known as Babylon. It had a population form 80 00 - 100 000.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb. 14

Lagash- An ancient city located northwest of the junction of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers- later known as Babylon- great trading center.

Barley- A cereal crop grown in early Mesopotamia, used for food and making malt.

Hammurabi of Babylon- c. 1800 BCE Hammurabi was king of Babylon conquering the Akkadians and ruling Mesopotamia.  His rule was called "the golden age of Babylon" because of many new reforms.

Euphates River- One of the longest rivers in western Asia where the first civilization began.

Persia- Is the modern country of Iran. Ancient Persians where most powerful between 550 BCE - 330 BCE conquering Mesopotamia and Babylon.

Assyrians- They were the most powerful army during 750 BCE - 650 BCE. They were the 1st to be equipped with iron weapons and efficient government system.

Uruk- Ancient City of Sumer, located east  of the Euphrats River. The name "Iraq comes form Uruk.

Irrigation-  A system of channels or streams passing through land, used to supply water to farm lands.

Archaeologist- A scientist who study's and interprets artifacts.  The also dig up artifacts, document everything, and, and analyze the info in labs.

Monday, February 13, 2017


Seafaring-A sailor at sea, or set off to sea

Ancestor- A person from whom one is directly descended

Domestication-Change animals or plants from a wild to a tame or cultivated state

Brazier-A portable metal container for burning charcoal or coal

Epic-long story of the adventures and achievements of a heroic person

Nippur-An ancient city  of Babylon on the Euphrates South east of Babylon, important religious center in Summerian times

Tablet-In Mesopotamia a thin flat slab of clay that was baked and was used for writing,recording goods, grain storred. It was also where important laws. Its also where important laws were written.

Temenos- A sacred enclosure in the Zigguret a place for yearly ceremonies.

Anatolian highlands- A plateau region in modern Turkey.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon-One of the seven wonders of the ancient world built by Nebuchadnezzar for his wife

Lancet-A small broad knife with two flat edges and a

Noah- A biblical figure from the bible, Noah built an arch and saved chosen people and 2 of a kind of animals.

Zorastrilians- A religion is taught in the 10th century BCE in Mesopotamia based on a conflict between  the spirits of good and evil, a particular reverence for fire, it is still practiced in Iran and India.

Kish- An ancient city in Sumer, now in central Iraq.

Gilgmesh- An ancient legendary priest- king in Sumer. He was a heroical priest- king in the city of Uruk.

Sumer- Was the first known civilization in the world, located in southern Mesopotamia were the two rivers converged.

City State- In Mesopotamia, political units or settlements were organized into city states. Each had a religious and trading center surrounded by an area of agriculture.. All city states were independent kingdoms.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feb 9


On Sept 24/16 Brandon Wheat Kings were playing Moose Jaw Warriors in the second period the game was called because of fog on the ice surface the game was resumed on Feb 8/17 and went into overtime with a warriors winning 4-3. Then they played a second game and went into overtime with the Wheat Kings winning 4-3.



Styles- A wedge shape tool made out of reeds used by Summerians to write on there clay tablets.

Eduba- a Summerian school were young boys laird reading writing arithmetic

Cradle of civilization- Mesopotamia is considered  the world's first civilization.

Amulet- An object warn as a magical charm against evil.

Idol- An object worshipped as a god

Voyage- A journey especially long one

Zodiac- Thought by Summerian's belt of the heaven within the sun and moon- 12 constellations.

Traitor- A person who betrays a friend or a country.

Tex tile- A type of cloth or woven fabric worn by Summerians's